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When Foodtech Meets Culinary Arts

A unique culinary-tech hub brought to you by the Modern Agriculture Foundation in collaboration with Chef Yuval Ben Neriah and Noam bar


Lab2Table is the first-of-its-kind culinary-tech hub designed for Israeli startups that innovate in the alternative proteins industry. 

We believe that the convergence of food tech and culinary arts holds great promise for advancing and fostering the growth of a sustainable food system.

Not just another accelerator program

LAB2TABLE a unique collaboration between foodtech experts and top chefs, carefully crafted to enable foodtech startups to elevate their products to the highest culinary standards. This will enable them to attract investment, seize business opportunities, and offer the public delectable foods that can rival traditional animal products.

צילום: אסף קרלה | Photos by Asaf Karela

Lab2Table Application Form For 2024

Added Values

צילום: אסף קרלה | Photos by Asaf Karela

Over the course of 12 meetings, including in-person mentorship and kitchen hours, our expert team will work hand-in-hand with the startups to:
  1. Assess product viability.

  2. Adapt the product to embrace the latest culinary trends and innovations.

  3. Craft recipes with a focus on taste, texture, and presentation techniques.

  4. Engage in advanced development processes, emphasizing cooking methods, raw material applications, food behavior under varying conditions, and shelf life considerations.

  5. Explore responsible practices that prioritize food safety, environmental sustainability, and waste reduction.

  6. Navigate relevant regulations.

  7. Facilitate meetings with potential investors.

  8. Explore integration opportunities with chef restaurants.

  9. Build a strong brand, and develop marketing and sales strategies.

Lab2Table Application Form For 2024

Chef Yuval Ben Neriah

"At the age of 35, Ben Neriah is the most successful young chef in Israel, and Taizu is probably the most exciting luxury restaurant in Israel"
(Raanan Shaked, 7 Days, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2018)


"Yuval Ben Neriah... perhaps the biggest star of our local cuisine in the last decade"

(Oded Kramer, Time Out, 2021)

Head chef and partner in the Taizu restaurants group:

Taizu, Miyazaki, Taizu Café and a.


Chef Ben Neriah is considered one of the most respected, accurate, innovative and creative chefs in Israel - an artist chef, specializing in Asian cuisines, with a bold personal and local interpretation, known for the thorough research and management practices he instilled in all his acclaimed  restaurants.


He is personally responsible for writing the "Bible" - the book of vision and operation of each restaurant, at all levels: palate, design, experience, fragrance, service, acoustics, illumination, diner psychology, while using in-depth research methodologies.


This thought-process, along with his passion for discovering and researching ancient and advanced cooking techniques, while working with the best raw materials - has made Ben Neriah a valued chef and a pilgrimage guru for artisan agriculturalists, producers and growers, as well as entrepreneurs and start-ups in the field of food tech - in-which delve in his thoughts to receive inspiration, professional guidance and mentoring.

צילום: אסף קרלה | Photos by Asaf Karela

Lab2Table Application Form For 2024

Lab2Table is mostly subsidized to support promising Israeli food tech startups.

To secure your spot, a commitment fee of 2800 NIS is required. Participation may be subject to an equity agreement.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

Our Sponsors


Our Partners

Lab2Table is a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to the advancement of the alternative protein industry.

We are seeking like-minded partners who share our vision of creating a sustainable and delectable food system. 
For More information:

Lab2Table Application Form For 2024
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