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The Leading Women in Israeli Foodtech 2024 Awards

The application is now closed.
Tickets for the 2024 Women in Foodtech Ceremony Award event are now available.
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MAF Proudly Unveils Exciting News

December 2023

The Modern Agriculture Foundation (MAF), leading a community of women at the forefront of Israeli foodtech, is dedicated to promoting women in the field—those shaping reality and contributing to the revolutionary foodtech landscape, especially those focused on developing alternative proteins.
Once again this year, our goal is to honor inspiring and revolutionary women who are shaping the foodtech scene.
The initiative focuses on recognizing women working in various fields such as research, development, entrepreneurship, regulation, management, investments, mentoring, industry, and government.
We invite women with a vision in the field, contributing to making our plate better for people, animals, and our planet, to apply as leading figures in Israeli foodtech.
The award ceremony will take place during our annual event in March 2024, coinciding with International Women's Month. This exclusive event will feature a delicious plant-based meal, numerous networking opportunities, and inspiring Ted-style lectures.

The Modern Agriculture Foundation works to create a world where our protein sources are sustainable and compassionate. We are committed to transitioning from a food system marked by pollution and unethical practices in the animal food industry to a new, sustainable model. We foster high-impact innovation, spark entrepreneurship, and nurture a collaborative community to accelerate alternative protein solutions in Israel and across the globe. Through our programs, we help create alternative proteins that balance health, affordability, and sustainability. Since 2023, our organization has nurtured a community of leading women in Israeli foodtech.

Award Categories

Steering Through Uncharted Waters: Demonstrating creativity and leadership in light of the war, and demonstrating adept crisis management.

Promoting and Cultivating the Ecosystem: Making a substantial contribution to the foodtech community, which may include initiatives like fostering cross-border cooperation, advocating for regulatory advancements, attracting investments, and introducing unique and creative initiatives.


Promise of the Year: Tailored for women embarking on their journey in the foodtech field (1-3 years). This category recognizes potential for growth, investment, or breakthroughs in the field. Criteria encompass active participation in the foodtech community, impressive professional achievements, and a long-term vision.


Significant Impact Over Time: Geared towards women with a minimum of 5 years in the field. This category acknowledges being a role model, showcasing consistent professional development, entrepreneurship, and consistent exceptional leadership.

The application is now closed.
Tickets for the event are now available

Meet the Judging Committee

The Judges Committee comprises esteemed leaders from both the foodtech and gastronomy industries in Israel, notably including last year's award winners.

At MAF, we highly value the integrity and quality of our judging process. It is this commitment to excellence that makes these awards truly meaningful.

We sincerely appreciate all our judges for their unwavering dedication to our mission and for maintaining the highest standards in our selection process. Their expertise and insight are extremely valuable in ensuring our awards recognize and celebrate leading women in the industry.

Tickets for the 2024 Women in Foodtech Ceremony Award event are now available.

Gold Sponsors


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The Leading Women in "Israeli Foodtech 2023 Awards" initiative focuses on recognizing women who work in various fields such as research, development, entrepreneurship, regulation, management, investments, mentoring, industry

and government.


We believe that these women, who have a vision for the future of Foodtech and are working towards making the world a better place, deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

In March 2023, the Award event brought together 26 top female leaders in the Foodtech industry, including CEO's, researchers, and VC's.

The event, which coincided with International Women's Day, featured a Ted-style talk on 'Building a female-friendly Foodtech ecosystem'.

Dr. Tali Feldman Sivan, Co-founder & Active Chairperson of "Meala FoodTech", delivered a presentation highlighting the high female representation in Israeli Foodtech companies, including two-and-a-half times the number of women CEO's compared to Israeli high-tech in general.

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