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AI & Machine Learning Consulting

Maximize your Startup's Potential with MAF's Free AI and ML Consulting

Who is Eligible?

Early-stage startups and entrepreneurs in Israel who are focused on developing alternative proteins using innovative techniques are welcome to apply.


What's Included?

Startups and entrepreneurs looking for advice on their AI strategy are eligible for one consultation session with Noa Weiss, a seasoned expert with over a decade of working with data across academic and tech industries.


How to Access this Service?

To apply, fill the form below and we will let you know in a timely manner if you are selected.


Is there a Cost Involved?

No, MAF is dedicated to supporting startups and this service is provided at no charge to eligible companies. Follow-up sessions are not included.

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Noa Weiss

AI & machine learning consultant. Working with data for over a decade, both in academia and in the tech industry, and with both startups and more established companies, helping them use their data - and today’s AI & machine learning technology - to drive success.

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