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Envisions a world where our protein sources are sustainable and compassionate

Our Mission

We are on a mission to accelerate the growth of the alternative protein ecosystem, foster high-impact innovation, spark entrepreneurship and nurture a collaborative community in Israel and beyond.

The Modern Agriculture Foundation is committed to the emergence of more efficient food systems with minimal environmental impact and reduced cruelty.

MAF promotes Foodtech research and development, entrepreneurship and innovation with an emphasis on the alternative proteins sector.

Active locally and globally, MAF supports Foodtech startups and leads the Middle East's only alternative proteins accelerator.

Our Mission

Addressing a Critical Need

The need for sustainable and diverse food sources is more urgent than ever. With the world's growing population, it's essential to develop alternatives that are safer, more sustainable, and cruelty-free. By developing sustainable alternatives to supplant the growing demand for animal proteins, we can solve some of the world’s most pressing problems: climate change, the suffering of billions of animals and world hunger.

alternative protein climate action

Everyone Can Help

Get involved and help us shape a better plate for people, animals and our planet. From volunteering to donating, there are many ways you can support our mission.

Our Featured Projects

The Leading Women in Israeli Foodtech Awards

This initiative focuses on recognizing women who work in various fields in Foodtech industry.

We believe that these women, who have a vision for the future of Foodtech and are working towards making the world a better place, deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

שותפות עם MN בטר פלייט אקסלרטור 2022.jpg
The first Alternative Protein Accelerator in Israel

MAF is proud to lead Better Plate, a unique alternative protein-focused track within MassChallenge Israel’s Core Accelerator.

We accelerate the innovation of alternative proteins and help Foodtech entrepreneurs in Israel and beyond.

MAF is committed to advancing the alternative protein ecosystem in Israel and beyond. We bring an entrepreneurial mindset and ESG's strategy to achieve the organization's world-changing goals, while responding to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

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